What Should I Bring With Me To My Corporate Apartment?

For those of you new to the Corporate Housing world one of the big questions as you move into your temporary housing might be: What should I bring with me to my corporate apartment? Well, the short answer is not much! One of the benefits of a temporary/furnished apartment is that most things are provided for you. The list includes:

  • Housewares:
    • Kitchen: cookware, dishes, glasses, kitchen tools, toaster, coffee maker, etc
    • Bedroom: linens, alarm clock, hangers, bedspread, pillows
    • Bathroom: towels, wastebasket, shower curtain
    • Other: vacuum cleaner, iron, ironing board, mop, broom
    • Furniture: couch, chair/love seat, coffee table, TV stand, dresser(s), bed(s), night stand(s), dinning room table with chairs
  • Digital cable package with an LCD TV and DVD player
  • Wireless Internet

So, the easiest answer to what to bring is clothes and food and the rest is taken care of for you! Of course another big advantage to corporate housing is the flexibility in furnishings, so if there is something missing on the above list you can’t live without then just ask and it can probably be ready for you when you walk though the door of your new apartment.

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