TurnKey Offers Unique Housing Solutions for Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing traditionally is offered at large, professionally managed apartment communities. While for most business and government travel these options offer great advantages (amenities, public transportation, etc), there are certain times that Corporate Housing users require a more unique housing solution for their needs. When a family is traveling together and in need of temporary furnished housing there is usually a need for more space then apartments can offer. In these cases townhouses and/or single family residences offer a much better fit for these family’s needs.

While most Corporate Housing companies do not offer townhouses or single family houses, TurnKey Housing Solutions does offer these solutions. TurnKey has developed relationships with local property management companies and can furnish both townhouses and single family homes in the Washington DC area. TurnKey focuses on listening to our client’s needs and wants and crafting a housing solution to meet those needs as opposed to pushing them towards apartments already furnished.

Please contact TurnKey Housing Solutions for more information.