Solving the Short Term Housing Dilemma

One of the biggest challenges for business travels is locating appropriate temporary housing. Everyone’s requirements are different: bedrooms, schools, pets, commute, and especially flexibility in the length of stay. All of these present very big challenges. You can arrange a hotel or an extended stay hotel, but many people are unaware of a better option, “corporate apartments,” which in many cases is a perfect fit for their circumstances.

To clarify, the term “corporate apartment” does not refer only to furnished apartments for corporate travel, but rather is a term for housing that is tailored to the individual needs of the renter. “Corporate apartments” can be used by business travelers, government travelers or individuals relocating to a new city. Below is a comparison of the three primary options for temporary housing.

All three options offer flexibility in the length of stay without a complicated lease. Below is a closer look at each option. Please keep in mind these are generally true of hotels, extended-stay hotels and corporate apartments, but not always the case:

Hotel Benefits: Daily Housekeeping, Amenities, 24-hour reception; Drawbacks: Expensive, Small Space, No Kitchen

Extended Stay Hotel Benefits: Daily Housekeeping, Amenities, Kitchenettes; Drawbacks: No Oven, Small Space, Location

Corporate Apartment Benefits: Homelike Atmosphere, Amenities, Full Kitchens; Drawbacks: No Free Breakfast, Less Frequent Housekeeping

Generally hotels are best for a stay of less then a week. They offer the most flexibility, good locations (usually abundant in cities) but are also the most expensive.

Extended-stay hotels are best suited for stays of 2-4 weeks. They offer many of the benefits of a hotel (city locations are tough to find though) along with a kitchenette and a lower daily rate.

For stays of 1 month or more a corporate apartment is usually the best option. A corporate apartment is usually the least expensive option as well as being very customizable (different furniture options, washer/dryer in units, etc).

Corporate apartment options are offered by corporate housing providers who take care of all the work for their clients from finding the right apartment/location to making sure that you have enough place settings and extra beds for when company visits. You just bring your bags and they take care of the rest.

If you may benefit from corporate housing, please contact TurnKey Housing Solutions here.