Corporate Housing vs. Hotel: What’s the best option for the budget and business traveler?

Does your business require employees to travel for extended periods of time?  Instead of booking countless nights at hotels, turn to corporate housing and negotiate a timeline, furnishings, and even a conference room — all while reducing travel expenses!  If this sounds like a good idea, you’ll want to keep reading and start improving the bottomline today.

Business travel made easy. Whether it’s one executive or a team of consultants, being away from the office, home, and family is never easy, especially when confined to a tiny hotel room.  Good news, there is another option to the worn-out impersonal hotel room; the concept of corporate housing is more like a home away from home with a setting and environment conducive to productivity and comfort.   In most cases, stays over two weeks or more make the most economic sense, but just as important is the comfort of the traveling employee.  Finding the right place is paramount to cultivate employee trust and loyalty and in return will enrich the focus of the business goals.

The comforts of home. While a hotel feels impersonal, corporate housing is just the opposite.  After a long day of meetings, briefings, and reports your staff can relax in the comfort of fine furnishings, superior linens, and access to high-end electronics.  For business travelers with special dietary needs, a full kitchen gives the independence to maintain normalcy even from the road.  With all the comforts of home, business travelers produce a higher caliber of work and perform better.

Are you ready to stop wasting corporate budget dollars on expensive hotels for traveling executives and staff?  Improve the corporate bottomline with TurnKey Housing Solutions, LLC, a winning-formula of hospitality best business practices coupled with flexible options to support the valued business traveler. Click here to find out how much your organization can save on corporate housing for the next out-of-town assignment; the answer may surprise you!