Benefits of Corporate Housing

When a fully-furnished residence is needed, a business traveler has three main options: standard hotels, extended stay hotels, and corporate housing. These options all offer flexibility in the length of stay without a complicated lease. Below is a closer look at each option that finishes with the benefits of corporate housing. Please keep in mind these are generally true of hotels, extended-stay hotels, and corporate apartments, but may not always the case:

HotelsDaily housekeeping
24-hour reception
Small Space
No Kitchen
Extended Stay HotelsDaily Housekeeping
No oven
Small Space
Corporate HousingHomelike Atmosphere
Full Kitchen
No Free Breakfast
Less Frequent Housekeeping

Generally, hotels are recommended for a stay of less than a week. They offer the most flexibility, good locations (usually abundant in cities), but they are also the most expensive.

Extended-stay hotels are best suited for stays of 2-4 weeks. They offer many of the benefits of a hotel (city locations can be difficult to find) along with a kitchenette and a lower daily rate.

For stays of 1 month or more, corporate housing is the best option in most cases. A corporate apartment is usually the least expensive option as well as being the most customizable when it comes to amenities and comfort, often including different furniture options, washer/dryer in units, and more.

Reasons to use Corporate Housing:

Any stay in an area of more than one month is a great reason to rent a fully-furnished apartment.

Examples include:

  • Business Travel
  • Government Travel
  • Relocation
  • Disaster Relief
  • Home Improvement