5 Things to Do During Your Stay in Washington DC

Welcome to the Nation’s Capital, where history collides with modern day life. Capture the essence of the city during your stay at a luxurious and sensible TurnKey property. During your stay, we invite you to absorb the culture, taste the food, and unfold into the historic significance this great district offers. Here are a few places we recommend:

The National Mall – Discover the world at the National Mall, a popular spot for artists, activists, and the curious.  Certainly worthy of a day trip, the walk around the mall reveals cherished monuments and museums that tell the nation’s story. It’s an easy commute, just hop on the DC Circulator bus or Metro train to embrace the famed park.

Miles of Museums – We encourage our guests to immerse themselves and marvel in art, aviation, and history and take advantage of the wide range of experiences on hand. Washington, DC is home to hundreds of world renown museums that curate artifacts, artwork, and history for the world to examine. Take advantage of the many free museums and pop in when your schedule allows.

Get Outside – Leave the hustle and bustle of the city and escape to the serenity of nature. There are several key hiking trails within the district that get you outside and up close and personal with mother nature. Set out on foot or bike, and explore ancient riverbeds and historic commerce trails that led to the legendary city once dubbed the “Territory of Columbia”. If you are a runner, check out the unique trails around the city to meet up with others fast on their feet.

family Fun for Everyone! – For the kids, check out the National Children’s Museum with interactive activities to inspire and engage young minds. Also, this memorable city hosts the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, spend a day with the worlds fiercest and most beloved animals around or take it a step further and arrange a sleep over at the zoo for the whole family. Be the hero and wow your kids when they visit you in Washington, DC.

Sports Fans – There is no shortage of major league or collegiate sporting events in this town. Watch live from the many gorgeous stadiums or tune in locally from the comfort of your TurnKey accommodations. Who knows, you may even become a hometown fan.

Turnkey Housing Solutions is your home away from home.  We want you to be comfortable, happy, and in-tune with the heart and soul of the city. Travel should never be a chore, it should be a treat.  Click here to preview our list of properties in the Washington, DC area.  Contact us below to learn more about our accommodations.